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Meet Our Personal Trainers
Brett Kilgore_edited.jpg

Brett Kilgore

"I started my weight lifting journey at the age of 12. My step father wanted teach me the proper mechanics at a young age. As I grew into this lifestyle I always had a drive to be big and strong, I loved imagining I was in super hero movies with a jacked hero physique! I'm big on overall health and fitness, cardio, lifting, calisthenics, martial arts. In my opinion natural is the best way to be. I've always enjoyed pushing my limits, whether that be max weight, max reps, my fastest mile, or longest run."



Garry Phillips

"I am a Christian man who also likes to workout. In my younger days I competed in body building. I did very well for myself. Winning the USA title in three different All-Natural organizations. I am old school in my ways of thinking and training. God has shown me a better way of doing things. Not only in my training, but my life as well. I would love to share what I have learned with you. For more information give me a call!"



Jason Kontos


     Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Weight Loss Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor

Corrective Exercise Specialist

"My name is Jason Kontos and I am honored to be the newest personal trainer at Classic Bodyworks. 


I come with over 30 years of experience in helping people reach their fitness goals. Whether it is losing a few pounds before a vacation, improving sports performance, or a total body transformation, I have the training knowledge and experience to get you across the finish line. No more excuses. 

Your success equals my success."


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